The Mission (1986) Blu Ray review

The Mission (1986) Blu Ray review

This movie starts off with a poignant scene where a Jesuit priest plunges to his death, and you can hear the rousing soundtrack from Ennio Morricone in the background. With such a start, it is hard to go wrong and the movie does not disappoint. it is a movie in which you will need to return for repeat viewing and as the first viewing can be quite painful given the ending. However when you appreciate the other scenes, and the awesome soundtrack, it grows more on you and moves you to no end.

The music here is distinctive and you will have no trouble recognising the oboe notes. Jeremy Irons gives the performance of his life and Robert De Niro does better here, than even Godfather. The supporting actors including some notable names like Liam Neeson and they all add to a performance which I feel deserved an Academy award.

Plot 4.8/5

There isn't too much action, and yet the few scenes are quite gripping. The vintage of the film shows itself here, whilst the soundtrack is pretty awesome, there is precious little sound effects and it is almost entirely limited to the front soundscape. 

As for the picture, it is pretty decent for a movie which has been around for more than 25 years. Its no demo disc, but the details are better than some others.

PQ: 3/5
AQ: 2.5/5

Should you buy it, well I would and I did once the disc was released. I remember almost standing up to clap and weep when the first notes of the oboe floated around the cinema.

Recommended for the plot and music.


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