Sand Pebbles - BR review

Sand Pebbles - BR review DTS-MA 5.1 Tier 1

For a movie made more than 30 years ago, I did not really have too many expectations, and it was on the merit of the fact that this was Steve McQueen's sole Oscar effort that made me give this a try.

Most who are above 30 will know him and perhaps this movie, it is set in the 1920s, during a rather tumultuous time in China. You get romance, action, and a geopolitical historical theme, all put together by a wonderful director in Robert Wise, and sterling performances by Steve and Candice, as well as the other members. A young David Attenborough (the man who in his later years is better known for his narrations of many wonderful BBC series such as Life or Earth) plus a whole host of actors make this a good movie even so many years after its production.

But it is the picture quality and even more surprisingly the audio quality which makes this a keeper. The sound engineers worked overtime on this Blu Ray version to make a disc which can almost compete with modern movies and certainly puts many other movies of its era to shame. Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack is well spaced out, and the surround channels are kept active and certainly the LFE also gets a decent workout.


PQ: 3.5/5
AQ 4/5
Plot: 4/5
Chick Factor: 3.5/5


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