Tron Legacy in 3D - movie review

When Tron was first released in the early 80s, it was not really a financial success, but the CGI and the concept proved to be cutting edge and ever since, it has had a cult following and since I had not had a chance to see it, why not begin afresh with the new iteration of it, and for a CGI filled show, why not go all the way and see it in 3D? The show was indeed a 3D fest: D = demolitions, delicious babes and of course Daft Punk!

Tron L will not be an Oscar winner, even for creative CGI use or for its 3D reproduction, and it certainly won't win for acting, but you get a nice experience of a sci-fi action movie, with some babes in tight spandex thrown in and its all accompanied by some nice punk-techno music with a nice beat. If all this sounds too low brow or if Gone With the Wind is your cup of tea, then skip this. Much has also been said of the excessive use of 3D and milking the audience for the extra dollars when it adds little to the experience. Well the 3D does work here, simply because it is a CGI show primarily, and the show actually starts with a caveat that "certain segments were filmed in 2D". This is clever as the real world is in 2D and appears flat was compare to the world of Tron in 3D.

The show borrows from real classics like Blade Runner in its outlook and of course it's predecessor, Tron. There is a low of low light which will test your display's ability to show contrast and dark areas. The story isn't too unfamiliar. The original Flynn is trapped inside the Tron world and his son comes to get him. Throw in a little love interest in the form of a shapely Cora, who bears a little resemble in look and concept to Trinity from Matrix, add spunk to her and give the movie lots of action scenes with plenty of explosions and make sure the music is loud and bombastic.

This won't threaten big hits like Star Trek, Star Wars or other definitive sci-fi movies who have deftly combined action, science fiction and even comedy plus a little romance to a wonderful mix, but it will entertain and with the action and cool soundtrack, you will consider taking home the Blu Ray disc when it comes out.

Plot: 3/5
Action: not bad, although the bass isn't the lowest, the surround field isn't too bad.
3D - The speakers in J8 were not the best, with rattling heard in the right side of the speaker array, but the 3D effect was well done enough although a notch lower than Up or Avatar.
Chick Factor: like Matrix, the director has found that shapely women in tight Spandex works...

I enjoyed it enough and will consider it as a rental at least and even consider owning this and the original Tron as a boxset when it is released.


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