Stool Pigeon - movie review

Stool Pigeon – review

If you are a fan of the intense scenes, emotions conveyed in movies like Election, Beast Stalker, then this is the kind of movie for you.

There is a certain level of despair and inevitability, a dark side of emotions which is showcased in this show, which attracts a certain audience, but will alienate those looking for processed happy ending sort of shows. It is not a real actioner, nor a cop story, but a show which is almost documentary or matter of fact in the way it follows the lives of a depressed and stressed cop, a desperate wheelman, a robber and his woman, and how it all ends for them.

Not your usual plot: 4/5

Chick Factor: Kwai Lun-Mei is a new Taiwanese star and she looks good and acts well 3.5/5

Action: it comes in spurts and is rather violent, and there is none of the romantic gangster type roles popular in the 90s with Chow Yun Fatt or Ekin Cheng. 3/5

It is worth a watch, but like durians, there are sharp edges which will prick your emotions, and will polarise you into liking or hating it.

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