documentaries in hi def

Over the past year or so, I have been collecting discs like the Planet Earth, which was an AWESOME hit, in sound and picture quality.

Enticed by this production I then ventured into Life (BBC) which was another reference BR collection. By now documentaries were as exciting as those action movies and also appeal to the intellectual in me.

The journey continued with the "Solar System". Sir Richard Attenborough, has become my hero, and listeing to his reassuring deep baritone voice, was my enjoyment whlst browsing through my Nat Geographic books and magazines.

Now I can recommend "Human Planet" and even the "Blue Planet" which is only Standad def.

I have also recomended these shows to others, and they have been 'poisoned' to an equal severity, and enjoy hits like "Grand Canyon" and many other hits.

Thank you BBC, and the many other companies which went through so much trouble to film them, in Hi Def and with the sound to match...

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