Oppo BD 95 noise measurements

 I sit next to my Oppo and it is not noticeable, unless you pay attention...

From AVS:

Some noise measurements:

My BDP-95 fan noise results:
Ambient T: 23.0C (73.4F)
BDP-95 on flat surface, fully open on either side
Well vented behind and above.

Cold Start: Playing CD-DA:
Fan starts after 45 min.
Fan stops after an additional 10 min.
Fan starts again after an additional 10 min

I measured the SPL (Sound Pressure Level) 2 ft from the front of the BDP-95 with a calibrated mike and low-noise 20 - 20kHz preamp. Microphone was aimed at and horizontally level with the BDP-95 front panel. Back of BDP-95 was 7" from room wall.

Noise from the BDP-95 fan: 30 dB SPL

Listening ~ 6 ft from the BDP-95 would result in ~ 10 dB lower SPL (or ~ 20 dB SPL)
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