Oppo 95 - is it value for money?

Oppo 95 - is it value for money?

The Oppo pricing for this player firmly distances itself from the budget offerings for both BR players and even CD players.

Yet it should not be seen in this context of being merely a BR player, albeit it a 3D capable one with network capability.

I think in my reviews and early on in this blog, I talked about the reason for existence of this player.
For the cost conscious, there are much cheaper alternatives. If all you need is a BR player, then the Sony S370 is a fine basic 1.3v HDMI player with SACD capability to top it off.

A 3D capable HDMI player will set you back < $500.

Add a CD player of fairly similar standing for < $1500.

But hey add the costs of the two together and the costs come pretty close...

This is meant as an all-in-one do it all solution.

As for price comparisons... well see the B/W model ....
If the price causes you distress especially when compared to US retail prices, there are alternatives. Not everything is similar to the Marantz model of pricing.

So if the price is not right, take your money elsewhere and you will find many other alternatives at various price ranges. For me, the appeal is now, I have a player which plays EVERYTHING (except VCDs) and my dad does not need to learn to turn on 4-5 pieces of equipment in order to watch his shows, listen to his music etc.


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