Around the hi fi world....

Recently I went around the world on a jaunt..
And I decided to stop by into Adelphi which is one of my fav haunts
Since I was upgrading to an 11.2
I dropped into Precision Audio for a pair of MA Radius or two

Then with some silver still in my pocket I made the fatal mistake

I took the lift up to KEC
And asked Clarence what he had for me
He grinned mightily and said, plenty plenty
He knew I had the B/W 805s
And he had a BNIB HTM4s
And another BNIB Velodyne 1000R subwoofer
So the next thing you know I was left with less than a fiver

Happy nonetheless
Before I left he wished me all the best
But then fished out an AQ HDMI and subwoofer cable
Which he professed would go nicely in the Nautilus based stable

I had my card and out it came on its own
Then I penniless bewildered I left for home

Wondering how I  budgeted a 1000 for my surrounds
Only to spend close to 2500 pounds! ( < ---- had to make that rhyme...)

And that's not the end
Since the Denon 4311 he will send....

So away from Adelphi in Singapore you should stay...
Or heavy is the price you will pay...

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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