HDMI - lengthy issues

HDMI - Lengthy issues

If anyone is considering Long lengths i.e. > 10m, do take note.

There ARE differences in quality, and the longer the lengths involved, the more significant the differences. I found this out personally when I ordered some 15m cables off ebay from UK and there were plenty of jaggies and audio dropouts.

The HDMI output voltage from the cheaper BR players can also differ, but the quality of the cable plays an important role at such lengths.

These were basic and rather thin looking. I then got a 15m length from LHS for $170, and this one looks sturdy and the picture quality was good.  For 15m it works out to be slightly more than $10/m, which is good value in anyone's books. For anyone baulking at the cost, consider that companies like QED, IXOS etc charge more than that for a 2-3m length.


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