Going retro...

Just got hold some of nice retro stuff:

The Chair from Hans Wegner:


Wishbone Chair from Hans Wegner:

Originally inspired by classical portraits of Danish merchants sitting in Ming chairs, Wegner created a series of chairs that helped establish Denmark as an international leader of modern design. The Wishbone Chair is considered to be his most successful design. Also known as the Y Chair the Wishbone has been produced in large volumes for over fifty years.

These chairs are made from beautiful natural beech wood and natural cord. The Y-chair (referred to as the Wishbone chair) is Wegner's most popular chair. It is also one of the most successful industrially produced chairs. The Wishbone Chair shows a perfect balance between stylistic completion and the demand of effective industrial mass production.

The Wishbone Chair, or "Y-chair" as it is sometimes called due to the shape of its back, was designed in 1949 and was the first of Wegner's chairs for Carl Hansen & Son. Light in weight, especially for an arm chair, and relatively compact in size the Wishbone Chair still offers a spacious and welcoming seat that allows the user to easily change position making it perfect for conversations around the dining table. The curved back legs give it an air of grace while the stylish semicircular top rail offers support to the back and adds to the elegance of the chair.

Hans J. Wegner is the undisputed master of Danish chair design. Many of his designs—such as the Wishbone Chair are internationally recognized classics. Hans J. Wegner always placed the highest demands on comfort and ergonomics. To Wegner, a chair isn't just a piece of furniture, but a work of art made to support the human form.


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