Good sound, great living - my Home Theatre den and home - part I

My renovation journey


This is a write up of my renovation, which should end by the third week of November if all goes all.


I recently took back my tiny "mickey mouse" place, which has two bedrooms and a study.


It's a place of modest proportions, with only 925sq feet, two bedrooms, a small study and an oversized balcony.


So I decided since it was returned empty, and I am a Hi Fi aficionado, why not do it up, with an emphasis on my home theater?


So the job specs were:


In short-

Provide lighting for the living

Get a feature wall with cabinet storage for discs

A console solid enough for placing my amps and a centre speaker on top

Bookcases, assorted furniture for the living, dining and study area.


But the key "hi fi" related features are:


Rock wool filled feature wall

With special imported Swiss wood panel behind the speakers (more on this later)

Rock wool filled Cove lights

Treated ceiling with acoustic boards


So I did the initial search and posted my needs on a local hi fi forum, and I got a few very nice people, who were acoustic and renovation professionals, and they came round to offer some tips and even recommended a few contractors.

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