Mitsibishi HC 4000 DLP Projector

 As part of my Home Theatre den renovation, I decided that a new video source was in order.

It was going to be a $6000 TV such as the Panasonic VT30 or Samsung D8000 plasma, or a screen.

Having owned a much older Infocus 4805, I remembered night in Sydney with 20 people gathered around a vacant wall watching some movie with great fondness.

Well after much searching locally for a cheap unit, I found that most models cost more than $2000 and even second hand ones were rare on the ground.

I was looking at the Panasonic AE 4000 (2nd hand), the Optoma HD 20 or Epson 8350 shipped from USA for $1200 or $1600 respectively.

So I pulled the trigger on this.


A follow up to the story on this...

After I had placed the order, I decided to check for the local price and to my dismay, or perhaps joy depending on whether I could cancel the overseas order, the local dealer could match the overseas price!

That will save me much angst in shipping, plus it comes with a 3 year warranty.
I will be using it on a Ikea LACK coffee table 45cm, placed about 2.4m away from the screen - which was kindly given to me by a friend, and I will sit about 2.8 to 3m away. I will need to check if the image height is too high for my sitting position, but so far, it seems ok. The image will be about 85-90cm off the floor.

Some specs:

About this projector:









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