Lighting for the place


Since this is a home theatre project too, the hall lighting needs to be adaptable and also variable.

I have various levels of lighting intensity, colors and the environment can be controlled to suit the situation.


- L Bar- 125mm down from ceiling, MDF thickness 75mm, sticking out 400mm from the wall, except at the front feature wall (500mm) - that also gives me room for a hidden motorised screen in future
- Power socket at the top for the projector screen
- L bar also to hide cabling for Home theatre cables


- down lights - use warm lights - energy saving bulbs - Philips 2 X 14W
- cove lights - T5 for ease of changing them - no dimmer needed – warm white lights – electronic ballast for all lights.
Electronic ballasts are important, as you don't want that buzzing sound when you turn on the lights from the speakers.

- switches - get different switches for dining area down lights vs living area;


Considering Legrand Mallia– firm click feel type

Switch for the cove lights – single switch with relay function – using existing living room switch
Separate ones for down lights for dining and living areas
Additional cove light – dim LED strip light for cinema effect

New switch for the fan
Switch for LED lights in feature wall - to provide ambient light behind the flatscreen TV
Switch for the down light in the console – to be mounted on the wall itself next to the lights - it's important to be able to visualise the back of the home theatre equipment, so there must be lighting and I also installed a mirror to allow me to see the back of the console.
Switch for the low cinema lights running along the bottom of the bay window, to the right of the wall, just like those cinemas...

Switches will be in a series of three gang setups at the side of the console.

- for hallway entrance to living area - continue cove light box, and there will be two down lights

A PH 5 lamp will provide mood and ambient lighting, whilst the warm down lights will illuminate the posters / paintings on the wall, and the warm white cove lights will beef up the hall brightness for a bigger gathering where provide maximum light is the aim.

In the master bedroom, a fanlight from Crestar will have three LED spotlights which will be directly to the head of the bed for reading, whilst one of them provides general illumination. I will add another bedside lamp later on, or an uplight.


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