"10 Things I hate about you" - DVD review

I haven't been writing as much - renovations for my HT pad just finished this week...

But I managed to squeeze in an old show, which I had in my closet for a while:

"10 Things I hate about you" starring the late Heath Ledger, and Julia Stiles. This show will showcase a few young stars and also propel them to great heights later on. Basely loosely on a Shakespeare play "The Taming of the Shrew", it's a wonderful throwback to days of old when we were young, and you see montages of yourself in many of those scenes depicted without stereotyping the nerds, jocks, smarties, and even the outcasts.

Witty dialogue and a genuine chemistry between the leads propel this show far beyond others like Fast Times in Ridgemont High or other teenage high school hits. It also made me feel sad that we have lost a talented young actor in Heath.

Highly recommended, although if you have the DVD, there isn't a great push to get the BR disc.

Story 4/5
Action - duh
Chick Factor - well you see the younger truly "chick" versions of some actresses, so eye candy a plenty

A keeper, and worth sharing with someone else, and watching again.



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