Mitsubishi HC 4000 review II

This is my first venture back into projector after an initial period spent with an Infocus 4805 in 2005 in a small apartment in Westmead.

It was loads of fun and proved size does matter, and I had dozens of people come by at our little gatherings to gawk at the image, which was simply projected into an empty white wall. It was the time of DVDs and component video, and no one was complaining about picture quality. It was simply too much fun to have a 100" image.

Fast forward to 2011, and after getting a new HT pad, I decided to integrate a projector into the home theatre setup. I wasn't interested in 3D, and was not prepared to spend too much, and for a little under USD 1200 shipped, it was a small investment until I got a nice 70" flatscreen.

First impressions:


I am up to the 30th hour and I have some short notes on this unit.


-       brightness is pretty decent, you get to leave some lights on and you still get a fairly ok image.

-       but contrasts and blacks are not it's forte

-       I used Pacific, and those night battle scenes exposed the flaws in this DLP projector, where details were simply lost in the shadows.

-       It is almost totally silent in Low Lamp Mode, and when you are watching a movie, the fan noise is not noticable, even when it is used in Standard Lamp Mode.

-       The remote is not too bad and has backlighting

-       I have no issues at all with the rainbow effect, and the project handles motion very well.

-       I use it on a coffee table 3m from a 85" screen, it has an offset of 33%, so do your calculations first, as it has more limited placement options than the typcial LCD projector.

-       There is only 1 HDMI input

-       The zoom allows a 85" image from about 3m or so.

-       At about USD 1200, it's a decent buy and for those who can use it in dark cinematic conditions, it will impress you. But if you need usage in bright conditions, then a TV may be a better choice, but those will cost a lot more and are smaller.

-       In combination with the Anchor Bay chip in my Denon AVR 4311, even free to air programs were pretty decent in SD.


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