The Socerer and the White Snake - Jet Li

The Socerer and the White Snake - Jet Li

A modern spin on a classic tale, and the emphasis is on modern... Those expecting a Jet Li Kung Fu special will disappointed, as most of the action is CGI...
There is plenty of action, the surround effects and bass are very decent and there is a 7.1 soundtrack.

In addition, there is loads of eye candy, and you could get diabetes by staring at Eva Huang for too long. She was the fresh faced sweetie from Kung Fu Hustle, and here she is still sweet, almost ten years on. Charlene Choi and a few unnamed ladies add more to the chick factor.

However the story is short on plot, and with everything being wirework, this is at best a rental, although it will withstand a few viewings for those who like good surround engineering.

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