Midnight in Paris - Woody Allen

 Midnight in Paris - Woody Allen

The plot is a fantasy tale of a young writer who travels to Paris with his fiance, her parents and gets transformed into the 1920s.
It's a simple plot, but explores the mind of the writer as he expresses his unease with his fiance's attraction to anther man, just as he struggles to finish his novel amidst less than encouraging comments from his potential in laws.
There is more than one incidence of infidelity, with the mistress of Picasso a real village bicycle, but this actually leaves a dark negative taste in my mouth, even as I admire all the scenery portrayed, which had it's nostalgic value, since I have been to Paris twice in the past 4 years.
Own Wilson plays this awkward and naive writer with great skill, and is a natural, and a good shift from the usual goofy comedy roles he has.

Some will find this movie more interesting, but it was not my cup of tea.

Plot 3/5

Picture quality:
There is an orange / yellow hue throughout, which may be Woody's intention, but the colors of all the Paris scenes still looked excellent.


Despite not having any real surround of note, the 3.0 equipped disc was clear and on my old Marantz SR 12 / Oppo 95 / Usher 525 combination, the music sounded pretty good and the voices were crisp and easily heard.
Action: nil

Chick factor:
Rachel Adams is mighty fine and does her best to play the slightly obnoxious fiance to good effect. Marion Cotillard does her best to look sultry as well. But the hottie was a little known French actress Léa Seydoux, who steals the show with her smoky innocent smile. Carla Bruni's turn as the tour guide wasn't too bad too.

For the Woody Allen fans, this is a must have with his usual flavor but in a way that is more accessible to mainstream fans. For the others, it is still worth a rental, and if you are a fan of Paris and France, it's certainly worth a rental at least.

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