Shopping in Shenzhen & HKG + China's obession with money...

 Had a recent trip to China and Hong Kong.

Some notes on going to HKG from China.

There are many entry points. Some have the China and HKG customs one after another, so you clear them almost simultaneously.
Others need you to re-board the bus again. The bus ride is usually around an hour, and there are many options, and usually cost <$50 RMB or HKG per trip.
The ferry costs $110 but goes directly into the Sheung Wan jetty, and you can walk to the Sheung Wan Station.

Usually the customs is shorter with the ferry.

Some buses will go round the clock.

As for buying in China, those local brands are cheap, but international brands are not. In HKG, only selected items are cheaper than SG, and you need to know the prices. The displayed prices are often higher than SG.

BR discs which are from HKG are cheap, but imports are not.
For Discs, go to:
Prosperity building with many shops incl basement (corner of Sai Yeung Choi St south and Nelson st), HK records @ Gateway Shopping centre, TST; Win Win shop, 49, Tung Choi St, Mongkok.
get out of Mongkok MTR station E2 exit and walk (Blue arrow) when you reach Properity Building( End of red arrow, start of blue arrow) , there is a stairway to the basement (follow blue arrow) in the basement there are several Blu-Ray and CD shops...some hardware, haedphones and audio tweaks as well..

Take the other exit (end of the blue arrow trail) walk up and get to the street level again, walk along the red arrow. There you will find another 4 shops very close to each other (Beat Record, Win Win).

As for hi fi, if you buy local brands, there is a lot of value in cables, HDMI, power or otherwise.
In Shenzhen, go to 赛格电子市场, shopping belt call Hua Qiang Bei (Chinese: 华强北)

You can look for and
The name card is:

Some points on shopping in Shenzhen and HKG, but the more poignant thing was how obsessed the Chinese were with money...

This article by the Times sums it up by focussing on a reality dating show:,8599,2000558,00.html

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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