Book of Eli - a demo worthy movie

In the Book of Eli, the gunshot in the gunfight in the village run by Gary Oldman is crisp and does not have a lot of low frequency energy, so it should be a snap like sound. But what is of more interest is how the sound travels as shots ricochet, and you can discern various shooters emanating from various side and rear speakers and hear the path of the bullets whizzing around.

Literally, you are inside Denzel's head, as the bullets fly around you, just as his blind character will hear them. It's easy to hear the shot, but good speaker placement will allow you to experience and trace the bullet path.

Then in the shootout at the home of the old couple with the firearms, you get a wall of gunfire, interspersed with grenades that have a real low bass thud. Then hear the crisp higher frequencies of the woodwork splintering. Then hear the collapse of the house.

Most systems, especially those with good subwoofers will have no issue replicating the low bass, but is it accurate, full of impact, and clean? How about the ability of your front and centre speakers to pick the wall of gunfire, and then have your surround speakers show how the house around them is falling apart? That not only takes good speakers which are good for HT / music, but proper speaker placement.

And when the soundtrack "Panoramic" plays as Denzel continues his walk towards Alcatraz, can you hear the music coming from all your surrounds, enveloping you in a sea of music?

If not, it's time to get down and re-arrange your speakers! Many have the money to buy high quality speakers and subs, not many will arrange their stuff correctly or bother with the proper speaker placement to achieve this...

That IMHO, will make a good HT system beat a theatre, and it doesn't have to cost the earth..

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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