TV - buying advice for a limited budget

With a limited budget, one's choices will be limited. That means lower expectations on quality too.
Or go for a smaller size and get a better picture quality (PQ).

One very important factor to consider is what is your viewing diet? High Definition, like Blu Ray, or Standard Definition, like free to air TV channels.

If you are watching TV channels mainly, then see what they look like at the store and understand the quality of reception will influence the quality more than the TV image quality itself.

Also consider your viewing distance, and the rule of thumb is to sit 3 times the diagonal width of the TV. If you sit too far away, you won't be able to appreciate the PQ as much. You can even get away with a lesser quality set.

Buying the run out older models will save some money especially if you do not need the latest features. But if the newer TV offers significantly better PQ, that's worth paying for.

Also consider that the TV will last for a few years, so spend wisely, and avoid scrimping every penny only to regret that you bought a TV which is too small and of poor quality.

Buying at fairs allows you to get display sets, or get good deals, but do your homework, and also remember:


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