Some HDMI connection voodoo...

HDMI connection voodoo


I had mentioned the strangeness of having to turn on components in your HDMI equipped setup in a particular fashion, so each component can 'talk' to each other properly, otherwise you have to reset the connection for them to recognise one another.

I found the best sequence was TV, Amp, then lastly the Blu Ray player

More HDMI vodoo this past week...

I have been having stuttering on my Oppo on the analogue connection recently, and initially I thought it might be a dirty laser head. However I ruled that out as I could play with no issues via HDMI. It was only through the analogue outputs and I check my amp, the cables, cleaned the laser head etc, and even brought the BR player to the store where I bought it, the people there were very nice and gave it a once over and a clean bill of health.

Then I remembered shifting it during my TV calibration recently and reconnecting the HDMI outputs. I now use HDMI 1 for audio, and HDMI 2 for video, which runs direct from the Oppo to the TV. Somehow this was switched, and the Oppo was "confused" and kept stuttering when I switched on the TV. With the TV turned off, there was no issue. I also lost 5.1 DTS-MA.

After checking my connections, and restoring the right HDMI output, things were back to normal.

So when you add something new, check your connections.

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