Soul Of Bread (愛的麵包魂) - movie review


It's been a while since I have written, so much has happened this year..

Let's start with a light hearted one:

Soul Of Bread

Starring one of the sweetest actresses in Asia to ever grace the silver screen: Michelle Chen. This Taiwanese sweetie pie is sweeter than any of the confectionary items in the show. The plot is rather simple. It’s a romantic comedy about the contest of two men who excel at baking for the love of our sweet Michelle Chen.

It uses a mix of Taiwanese and Mandarin, and brings us into small town Taiwan, in a way that has not really been seen since a much older 70s production called “The Story of a Little Town” (小城故事 ). There is sharp wit, and the director takes us into the heart of Taiwan, whilse we see a battle on the bread front, between two men who could not be any different.


We have Gao, the classic retro man, one who has never set foot out of his little town, speaks Taiwanese, and looks like a hoodlum. But he has a good heart, but is uncouth, shoots from the hip and feels totally threatened by the newcomer. French Taiwanese Bread, who looks like Adonis, articulate, cosmopolitan, and earnestly comes to learn how to make bread.



The battle ground is the baking table, and the winner takes all, bread, girl and everything, and it is a fun movie with a lot going for it due to the solid chemistry, the genuine feeling you get that everyone is having fun filming and acting in this show, and of course, the absolutely adorable Michelle Chen, so looks the part of the sweet girl next door who has to decide if her desire to see the world and the charm of ‘el sauvo’ is more important than the honest kind man that is always by her side.

You have to watch to the end to see how it goes.

4/5 for plot
No action to speak of, and minimal surround effects, so even a DVD might suffice.

A keeper for me.

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