Two Guns: Movie Review


After I watched this, I had a lot of mixed feelings… the kind you get when you just witnessed something that could have been so much better… not that it was rubbish, but with some tighter story editing and a better plot, you could have had a movie that Quentin Tarantino could have been proud of. I guess that summarizes it for you about how I feel about this show.
Denzel Washington and Mark Wharlberg play two uncover agents from different agencies who end up robbing a bank and being double-crossed by their respective agencies. They come together to outwit their foes reluctantly and survive all the attempts on their lives.
This could have been a movie which combines the best of the buddy cop movies with the kind of tension from Training Day, another Denzel Washington movie which was far more successful. Instead it doesn’t know if it wishes to do worse than Street Kings, and it doesn’t have the slick coolness of Three Kings, another more successful robbery caper.

However it isn’t all bad, as the two main actors exhibit solid chemistry and the basic premise of the story works, just that there are many loopholes and impossible scenerios.
Bill Paxton was quite awesome as the bad guy, and the good action made it alright for a lazy Sunday afternoon.
I would recommend this for a rental and if you like it, then buy it.

Plot: 2.5/5
Action and surround: plenty of shootouts, but nothing new or inventive in them, but the surround effects and bass will keep the home theatre fans happy. 3.5/5
Check factor: One gal isn’t a lot even if it’s Paula Patton (from Mission Impossible)… 3/5

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