Lighting in your Home Theatre Den

I think this is one thing that is pretty important to plan when constructing a new place, or even when sprucing up an existing one.

Consider more than one lighting option, eg warm lights for intimate conditions, cool bright light when you need to see everything, task lighting for reading or looking at that remote and different intensities of light so that you can create different moods, and for various viewing options.

It's not actually too comfortable for our eyes to see a movie in total darkness, but obviously if the room is too bright, that won't work for projectors.

Some options:

For a large flatscreen TV, one can run an LED strip behind the TV, and these can be low-powered, using only power from a USB port from the TV itself (so it turns on and off with the TV).
Eg I got this off Amazon: (thanks for the reco entz)

I also use a low powered LED strip in my cove so I can walk around, without knocking into things.

A cheaper options is to get a lower powered uplight, table lamp or floor lamp.

At the main seat, you can either have a lamp nearby, such as a floor lamp or a torch so you can see your remote, or just for reading during a listening session.


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