Re-run that Audyssey!

Just sharing a little something I learnt from a while back, which was reinforced recently:

With some setups now having so many speakers, those of us who are using the living room or a shared space for HT, there's a significant margin for error, and interactions between the Audyssey mike and many surfaces, room nodes, direct energy from the speakers, as well as reflected sound etc.

So if the first run of Audyssey sounds odd, do run another, in the same mike positions, or simply move the mike up or down a little. The back of the seat also plays a role in influencing the readings, eg a high back chair can block sound waves, and interfere with readings.

Cutting down ambient noise is also very important.
Just a re-run of Audyssey recently after moving my subs around a bit and the first run resulted in some weird readings from the centre, and ceiling speakers.
Lowered the mike a little, closed all my curtains, and chose a quieter time of the day, and viola, things are much better after the second re-calibration.

So spend some time, and also use a SPL meter to check even after running the latest XT 32 Audyssey or other autoeq systems.

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  1. Make the effort to run all 8 mic positions. Audyssey works best if all 8 are done.


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