The First DTS X Amplifier : Codenamed "いなか物"

 Denon Introduces The First DTS X equipped AV Amplifier: AVR X 9001 X

  • AVR-X9001 X

    フラッグシッモデWi-Fi, Bluetooth, DOLBY ATMOS, Auro3D, DTS X 対応16.4ch AVサラウンドレシーバー
    AVR X 9001 X(K:ブラック)


1 April 2015
Denon International
With the imminent release of DTS X, Denon is quietly rushing to put the finish touches to their new flagship model, which builds upon the success of the recently introduced 2014-2015 Atmos equipped models, and incorporate all the latest sound formats in their new AV receiver.

Code named the "Inakamono" (いなか物), this model has every bell and whistle that one can desire.

Starting with the 3D sound decoding formats, this new model will have built in Atmos, Auro-3D as well as DTS-X built in, and there's no need for buyer to wait for a firmware upgrade. Unlike previous models, it has the capacity for three different configurations, with instant uploading of the different Audyssey settings, and separate subwoofer and speaker outputs (unlike the current 7200 & other earlier models, which require the use of the second subwoofer output for the "Voice of God" channel).

Some basic specifications gleaned:

- 8 purpose built DSPs, twice that of the current models with twice the amount of RAM, thus making sure this model is future proof for any new sound formats
- Atmos, Auro and DTS-X ready out of the box
- 150w, 13 channels, all channels driven, doubling to 300W into 4ohms and stable into 2 ohms
- 13 channels active simultaneously
- 16 pre-outs and 4 subwoofer outputs
- XLR outputs for all pre-outs and 2 XLR inputs
- 10 HDMI inputs
- Fanless design, with 5kg of pure aluminum cooling fins and a central wind tunnel
- all input sockets are platinum plated for durability and conductance
- All new Audyssey Diamond: able to equalise 4 subwoofers, and a maximum of 20 speakers at once, and equipped with memory for 6 sound formats with switching on the fly (under 1 minute loading time).
- Bluetooth, Airplay & Kinetic Audio (BAKA) ready: a new sound format KINETIC has better range and sound quality compared to the current Airplay or Bluetooth technology
- Digital Uniform Mono Block power supply: capable of driving speakers down to 2 ohms and reaching a current supply of 35A all channels driven
- Assisted Stimulated Stereo (ASS) - a new way of playing back compressed sound formats without loss of quality
-  Denon-Link HD 2: replacing the current HD LINK. A new link with 10 Gb/s jitter free connection. This has been codenamed "鳥脳".
- Massive 800 Va Toriodal transformer, which is lined with a special Australian Merino Wool and pulled over the central cooling tunnel, also known as the "目" or "eye" in Japanese. The wool decreased flux transmission and reduces distortion
- A special battery mode for brown outs and also for better sound quality – the amp has a patented Denon Brownout Special (BS)  Auxiliary Power Mode that allows functioning in the event of outages, but more importantly for the fanatical audiophile, the option of an external battery power option which decreases any distortion due to an onboard power supply
- Sake soaked wooded feet to isolate the amp from potential vibrations
- Hand gesture recognition remote access: borrowing the technology from Wii, the aim has a special motion sensor that gives the user the ability to use hand gestures to navigate through the menus or control the functions

This amp is slated for market release on April 31st.


  1. Wao!! Sugoii!
    That's a dream AV amplifier! Denon should make this for real.

  2. Wao!! Sugoii!
    That's a dream AV amplifier! Denon should make this for real.


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