Dead pool movie review

Dead pool movie review

We have seen an abundance of superhero movies over the past decade, and they have spawned a whole bunch of sequels. Can one more add anything new?

Coming out of a modestly successful Wolverine Origins movie, the character Deadpool did well enough to interest the studios for a spinoff.

We have seen the totally invincible Superman, the brooding Batman and the snarling Wolverine, and now we have the foul mouthed antihero with the power to regenerate - Deadpool.

The studios have tried very hard to make him different and give him a niche. So apart from his super skills, they gave him: a super mouth.

Compared to him Spider-Man is an absolute mute. Not only is he chatty, he is quite fouled mouthed and this plus the bloody fight scenes certainly pushes the movie into the M18 region.

The plot is quite simple and in the two hour plus run time you can expect his origins, a love interest in the form of a very hot Baracchin and plenty of action peppered with snappy dialogue.

The plot is quite by the book and it's all about Ryan Reynolds and his motor mouth. Reynolds had begun his career quite promisingly but falter with a series of duds that threatened to kill his career. This will definitely help to put him back on the A list.

The audience was in stitches and certainly lapped it up. With a 200 million dollar to date box office taking, you can certainly expect a sequel.

Solid bass and good surround will make this a good demo disc.

There's only one babe but she is totally off the charts.

So go ahead, enjoy it, just filter out the numerous F bombs and it's quite a spectacle guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and lust for action.

Just avoid this as the movie to bring your date for a first outing.

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