Repairing that piece of HT / Hifi kit: tips and info

Since I had my own fair share of experience, just starting a thread to collate info on repairs:

- types of repairs 
- people who do it
- how to go about trouble shooting

When you buy something:


Keep / Scan the receipt

These days, the companies may ask you to fill up an online form

If you don't send it in, the warranty may not work

Second hand:

Check that the warranty is transferable or that your seller is willing to send it in for you - usually it's someone you know or is reliable

For second hand items:

Do check the history of the items, whether parts are available and for how long.

Eg Marant CD players like the CD 63 and it's derivatives have transports that can break down, but parts are relatively easy to find.

Likewise for Oppo transports, although it may be harder for the older models.

Other items require you to go back to the makers, which can be costly.

List of people who do repairs:

Wizardofoz: amps / circuits / Emotiva items

Mivec: CD transports

Speaker cones

Martin Audio, 175, Bencoolen Street, #01-47, Burlington Square
Tel: 3364420

Amps etc

Memory Lane, B1 Adelphi

Adrian (mobile: 92281304)

Memory Lane. No.1, Coleman Street. #B1-11, The Adelphi. Singapore 179803. Email :

For TVs:

There's Mr Ho 93520850 from HWZ in case you need a contact ..

It's not cheap if it's out of warranty, so getting a 5 year warranty is useful..

But if it's an old out of warranty unit, unless it's a simple chip/circuit issue, it may be better to buy new..

For AV amps, these things are like PCs, so resetting the CPU might sometimes work..

Each model has their own sequence of buttons to press, but it's worth a try.


 I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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