The Finest Hours - Movie Review

This is based on a true story and tells the story of an against the odds coast guard rescue of a stricken tanker by a tiny boat.

Firstly the bass is tremendous and will please even the hard core bass heads!
Surround works well and the plot is interesting enough to keep the tension going. The pacing is a little uneven, and the love story doesn't add much to it, and takes some steam off the action..
There's decent chemistry between the leads. And I actually like the way they underplayed the tough decisions and heroism, rather than ham it up in a typical Hollywood fashion.

Not a lot of chick factor, and I felt it was superfluous. In fact I felt the lady was a little annoying. 

But Chris Pine and Casey Affleck did enough to propel it forward. Ben Foster had an odd ride, not doing too much and just giving us weak smiles as he plodded along as the fellow Coast Guard dude in the boat.

The period clothes and cars felt quite real, and kudos to the wardrobe department. 

The more action thirsty fans may crave for more bravado and a Rambo type persona to 'haul ass' and save the day, but I felt it was subtle and the main protagonist was the unforgiving sea. A better show than The Perfect Storm.

Recommended for a watch or rental at least.


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