Journey to the centre of the earth II - movie review

Journey to the centre of the earth II

When the first franchise succeeds despite a hammy plot and a mostly kiddie sort of movie, what else can you you do? Well bring in The Rock.

Also invite Micheal Caine for some acting gravitas and throw in the Hispanic with the hot daughter and the geekie kid and blend in some father son relationship mush... then add some outrageous animals, inversion of sizes and a little literary interpretation of some classic novels from Robert Louis Stevenson and just hope it all works...

So does it?

This show definitely belongs in the "suspend your disbelief" category, and so long as you keep your mind stowed away in the fridge, and let the visual cortex of your brain remain the only part that is working, then it's all good, and your kids will be eternally grateful... well if eternity lasts for two hours or so...

No complaints about the action, don't ask too much about the acting, and one Hispanic girl for the love interest and away you go...

Recommended for those who need to score points with the kids, and even the wife, lots of thrills and spills without any blood, death or disembowelment, and everyone gets to go home...

Rental or even a buy for the family.

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