This Means War - movie review

A long plane ride allows you to catch up on movies, especially those you won't really go out of the way to buy...

This Means War - movie review

This is a bromance, cum spy thriller with some comedy thrown in, and employs three rather A-list actors to help things along, but somehow it doesn't quite come together. And the fact that I am telling you this in the first paragraph of my review kind of sums up this show...

Two successful CIA agents who are buddies in the field and go through thick and thin together, fall in love with the same woman and they battle it out with all they and CIA have, whilst trying to stop a German terrorist...

Nothing new here, and the two adopt stereotypes of a playboy type and the other the man with a broken family who thinks he is a travel agent... throw in the girl who is out to have a relationship and toss in a German accent chap (I guess he was cheaper to hire than Arnie), and you have some semblance of a plot.

They use everything at their disposal, including CIA assets to win over the girl, bed her and prove they are the better man.

Plot 2.5/5
Action - not bad to be honest, but nothing memorable and definitely no famous lines... 3/5
Chick Factor - ok Witherspoon still counts as a moderate hottie 3/5

Definitely a rental for the third winter night, when you hit rock bottom at the local Blockbuster rental agency...

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