Safe House movie review

Safe House movie review

Denzel Washington is the go to person for anything to do with intrigue, espionage, and action. Ryan Reynolds has begun establishing himself as a man with more than just good looks. The plot is pretty generic. A rogue agent turns himself in, with a black list of rogue agents, from a variety of agencies, who have turned bad.

He is transported to a safe house, and here is where staid and bored Ryan comes in. He plays the housekeeper of such CIA safe houses. And before he knows, the team who has come to interrogate Denzel is eliminated, and they are on the run. They soon discover that it is a CIA agent who wants to kill them, and they need to keep alive, and also make sure the list doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

The action is decent, although there isn’t much suspense, but if you don’t examine the plot too much, you will enjoy the ride.

Forget chick factor, enjoy the plot and both Ryan and Denzel turn in their usual good performances to save a generic plot from turning this into another by the books movie.

Worth a rental at least, and plenty of action scenes to enjoy on the home theatre system.

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