Finding A Friend For The End Of The World

This one was another show which is outside of my usual Micheal Bay-esque actioner, but it was an interesting viewing at 4 am in the morning across the oceans.

Steve Carrell plays another 40-ish man whose wife leaves him and then he decides that he wants to go meet his first love.

However the main kicker is that this show is set in the last days of the earth. In a scenario not unlike Armageddon, a large meteor is about to end life on earth. In three weeks time, to be exact, at the beginning of the show.

So he journeys across USA looking for his first love, and he travels with a hypersomniac in the form of the Kiera Knightly, who looks very different from her Pirate days.

Their travails form the main part of the story, as they look for old long lost parents, loved ones in the midst of an interesting portrayal of how people would be in the midst of impending doom.

An interesting vignette is that of his cleaning lady, who doggedly continues her weekly cleaning of his apartment, even as definite doom and destruction approach. This certainly contrasts to the mayhem as others find it easier to go about their last days with wild abandon.

It’s supposed to be a romantic movie, so this part of the movie isn’t as fleshed out as one would like, say as in an apocalyptic kind of movie.

Nevertheless, portraying love amidst such doom is an interesting plot and makes for at least one viewing.

There is genuine depth in the acting, although the viewer continues to struggle to see Kiera and Steve as an unlikely doomsday couple.

A bit unrealistic, but it still has it's appeal to the romantic at heart..

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