Key of Life – movie review

Key of Life –

鍵泥棒のメソッド / Kagi Dorobo no Mesotdo

This is a Japanese comedy which garnered much praise in Japan, and even if you do not understand Japanese, and have to rely on the subtitles, it is a movie that you may want to consider.

The plot is relatively simply to begin with. A hitman loses his memory after a fall in a public bath, and a loser part-time actor capitalizes on the situation and tries to assume his identity. This is complicated by a magazine editor, who has set herself a goal of finding a husband in two months.

There is more than meets the eye to the hitman, and he and the editor begin an unlikely relationship, and it is complicated by the people who want someone dead, those who are supposed to be dead and those who want to avoid being dead.

The flow is rather good, and the choice of actors is impeccable, with a stone hard faced Teruyuki Kagawa playing the hitman in question, whilst the buffoon is played by Masato Sakai to perfection. And of course the lovely Ryoko Hirosue, who is still one of the hottest Japanese actresses in the land…

There is a series of misadventures, and you wonder if the classy, slightly stiff and romanced challenged Ryoko will get her man, and will the hitman continue his ways or will the goofy actor assume his identity.

Realism takes a back seat in some aspects, but there is a warmth and fun in this show with plenty of funny scenes.

If you are looking to get away from the typical American rom-com, this is a different take on this genre and is worth a rental or more likely a keeper if you are a fan of Ryoko.

Good to see her back in action.

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