The Odd Life of Timothy Green – movie review

Something make you feel good, leaving a warm fuzzy feeling inside of you, such as chocolate, a warm glass of milk, lying in a pile of autumn or a good old Disney movie. Disney movies are meant leave you with this at the end of the show.

The last movie I saw with this was “Up” and of the live action ones, I recall “The Rookie”. And Timothy Green comes in the same genre.

Stanleyville, a non-descript little town in the middle of nowhere, with a population of 5197 forms the backdrop of this story, and it’s mainly famous for making pencils.

A close-knit couple lives in it. Cindy works at the pencil museum, and Jim at the factory. They long for a kid, but have no success at this. Then comes Timothy, after they had written down what they hope to experience with the kid, and bury those notes in a wooden box in the garden. Timothy springs to life all grown up at 10 years old and he is full of life, albeit a spry wiry frame one. And he has leaves growing on his legs.

He brings the Green family together, allows his new found family to fulfill their wish of a kid, and adds much more to the extended Green family.  He even meets a girl..

Does all of this sound too far fetched? Well if you want realism, this might not be a good movie to watch, but it is played very well by all the actors, and they bring to life this simple yet delicately warm story of how a little boy sprang to life and touched everyone around him so positively.

This movie will withstand quite a few viewings, and as you can expect, it’s low on chick factor and action, but it is such a sweet story that you can quite easily suspend disbelief and just soak in the warm joy of celebrating the joy he brings to all in the movie.

I recommend this for a quiet night, when you just need something to pick you up.

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