Ken Krisel Subwoofers

I had a chance to listen to the Ken Kreisel Subwoofers subs recently, thanks to the warm welcome of some friends and also watch a couple of bass gurus at work.

They were also very kind enough to give a tutorial on bass, mid bass, and many other things.

They now belong in my Hall of Wow... along with some other speakers I have heard.

Just a pair of 8" ones, set up properly can give a very solid punch. That's in the higher frequencies than I expected, going up to 240 Hz, which was not what I had expected.

They exhibit speed and slam, and will be very impressive in our small homes.

If that's all you desire, then they will be able to show their superiority to some of our traditional favorites from Hsu, SVS, and even Rhythmik and JL Audio in this aspect.

In the same room we also had the JL Audio F 113, and it was a different kind of sub.

The JL Audio digs deeper, and gives that awesome rumble still, but will lose out in speed and because it can dig so deep, their mid bass and punch isn't able to keep up.

However shifting the JL Audio away from walls will help ameliorate their lower bass and give the mid bass a chance to shine. This can be combined with elevating the sub above the floor onto some solid stands or very heavy support, preferably the same weight as the JL Audio F 113 themselves.

Likewise, many of the traditional killer ID subs will dig deeper, but I suspect will also be lesser impressive than these newcomers in the punch factor.

So should you run out and buy them immediately?

Well, the main drawback is very simple:

One of these costs USD 1995. And for that special punch, you will be buying two or four of them. That places them in the premium category. And you can buy a few SVS, Hsu, Velodyne or Rhythmik subs for the cost of the small 8" subs. If you opt for the 12" ones, the cost is even higher.

So they are indeed impressive, but for those with smaller pockets, be happy with the other brands, especially the Hsu and Rhythmik family, which give very decent VFM.

I have no financial interest or other interests in any of the items / events I write about.


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