Oppo BDP 95 95 or 93?

I get asked this alot, and it is also a FAQ or FA D(discussed) topic recently.

95 or 93


It's a question you will need to answer -

How is your music to HT ratio?

So in summary:

If you use the Oppo primarily as a BR device for HT, with an occasional dabble in music, and will be mainly using the HDMI as your main connection between the BR player and AV amp, then the 93 is more than enough.

In fact if you don't need the video chip, the 3D etc, a basic BR player from the mainstream brands will do.

However if music plays a significant role, if you have a serious AV amp or better yet, a stereo amp, then it pays to either use the RCA output of the 93, which can be sufficient for the occasional user,


Go the full way and get the 95.

Until we sort out some audio shootouts, we cannot really answer the question as to how much better is the 95. But I would wager that it will be better - in the Right system - and how does it compare to a Audiolab CD player with the same DAC?

Well again a shootout will make the comparison easier.

But consider this, if you are only moderately serious about music, the 95 will offer most of what a decent CD player with the same DAC can offer, but with the convenience of one player.

It also means you wear out the laser more quickly, and that may cause you to lose sleep.

Otherwise, it is the "all-in-one" concept that is appealing to some.

On the other hand, having a seperate CD player for music, allows you to keep the 93, and spend on a really serious CD player, but I would then consider something much higher than just an Audiolab or other brands with a similar DAC to make a significant difference.

Perhaps a Reference Series Marantz, Krell, Mac, Mark Levinson or Wadia?

Otherwise you may find that a mid-level Marantz / NAD / Rotel etc will give you a different sonic signature but not a significantly better sound.

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