Oppo BDP 95 review - is it a tube, a solid state or a BR player...

Third Week with the Oppo 95 – the sonic signature
There have been some early comparisons between the 83SE and the 95 and one standout point is the more “tube-like” sonic signature of the 95, with a warmer tone than the older 83.

I tried the Oppo 83 NE in a HT based system before the weekend and I remember that it had a lot of detail, and will suit those who listen on the seat of their pants, but for those don’t want a “hot” treble, it is best to avoid using it with a treble happy assembly.

On the other hand, the 95 is more even or actually ventures to the warmer side of neutral and for those who prefer this, it will withstand prolonged listening sessions, and in particular, when I tried my “treble-hot” violin test disc, it was more listenable, and invited me to sit there longer, and finish the whole disc.

As I moved onto the third week of auditioning, the sonic signature is more stable, and you can hear that it is a detailed listen, but non-fatiguing. However, I also note that is not a super giant killer, slaying CD players a few times its price.  That seems to be what fanboys in owner threads like to pretend it does, but ultimately it is a high quality Blu Ray Player which does music rather well too.

Using the fancy Sabre DAC chips adds a lot of street cred, especially when CD players costing a lot more are using the same chips. However the sound quality is not only influenced by the chips you put into it, but the other elements matter too, and ultimately, it does a sterling job for the money, but won’t make owners of players costing a lot more too unhappy.

It is still a very credible machine and will keep those who strive to keep their systems tidy with a single player, very happy.

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  1. hi ,
    oppo 95eu or pioneer lx91 (no matter the money)

  2. Great post, thanks for the enlightning!
    And in the same price range (or almost). What do you think of Oppo 95eu in comparison with a Rega Saturn or a Naim CD5i ? Just your opinion, of course. Thanks


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