Reign of assassins - movie review

Reign of assassins
John Woo has had many hits but most of his better works have come in the 80s and 90s. This could be a return to form for him and he has used the traditional martial arts genre to showcase his skills and has added a multiple-cultural cast plus elements of intrigue and romance coupled with swordplay to good effect.
It begins like a classic swordsman movie but you know there is more than mere swordplay within the first few minutes with change of lead lady from Kelly Lin to Michelle Yeoh within the first two opening acts.
I always say good chemistry between the main actors is a vital ingredient for a great show and the addition of Jung Woo Sung as the hard working village coureir adds a twist and again the provision of some nice humor and romance lifts this movie up and helped to make it better than average.
A martial arts show is incomplete without good choreography and you will like the action scenes too.
Kelly Lin will be the main source of eye candy but at close to 50 I reckon Michelle Yeoh isn't too shabby either.
One to rent and if the genre appeals to you, also one to keep too.
A well deserved return to form for John Woo.


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