Unstoppable - movie review

Lets call it what it is, its a summer blockbuster and will not stretch the acting chops of the two main protagonists.
It is a one track story line with an end that hurtles into view with little doubt.
They will destroy some stuff and maybe a life or two will be lost but at the end the runaway train will be stopped and the heroes will survive to busk in the glory of their selfless and brave attempts.
Those pedantic ones will rue some inaccuracies in the story but if you overlook this you will find a rather gripping tale of two rather ordinary men who decided that despite the risks and it was a company which had let them down, they stood up to be counted and did the deed.
In this day and age with the Fukushima 50 in the headlines, such personal sacrifices are stuff which inspires us and gives us hope in mankind.
Not everyone is made of such heady stuff but it makes us all more grateful and also aware of our own fragility when we shy away from such bravery and sacrifice.
I also like the none too subtle pokes at the corporate goons who look silly here and their nervous glances at the bottom line and feeble attempts to solve the crisis are mildly amusing and the tribute to the daily working man are quite positive.
But the short run of this movie is not meant to showcase the woes of the blue collar worker but a bit of dressing to help frame the action and that's what we are here for.
Scott does not disappoint and despite not having much room for detouring from the railway origins, he shows the runnings of the rail world and immerses us in this tough elbow grease world and let's us enter the sanctity of the railroaders.
Loud trains, fast passing trains and screeching brakes plus the inevitable explosion make for an exciting and involving soundtrack.
Those looking for a bombastic joyride will not be disappointed.
No real chick factor here but what elevates this disaster actioner from mediocre to watchable is a real chemistry between Chris Pine and old reliable Washington.
The young and wizen play off each other well and it is believable how they transform from people on opposite sides to comrades in arms.
Should you buy, rent or avoid?
I reckon it is worth at least a rent esp if you are into no brainer action stuff. The rousing ending and the insight into the railroad world was enough for me to recommend this to the action fan.


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