Umizaru III movie review

Umizaru III

I don't think the producers planned this when they made them movie but the screening on the airlines around the world coincided with the current nuclear disaster. And being no stranger to many natural calamities, the Japs are masters of the disaster genre.

This is the third installation of this hit series sort of like Tom Gun in the water, with hot Jap bods and equally kawaii Jap girls instead of Tom Cruise and co.

This time it is an oil rig and a gas platform which is in danger of explosion and the Sea Monkeys are sent to the rescue. If it reads like a TV episode well thats because the movie evolved out of a series and it's filled with little twists and turns but in the end you know the hero will live through each difficulty albeit with some scratches.

Right now japan needs such stirring stories filled with heroism and Umizaru hits the spot.

There is plenty of muscle and eye candy and the main actor with his toothy grin will make most girls delirious and even please the guys with his square- jawed machoism.

Plenty of humor action and even some humor thrown in.

Recommended for those who enjoy a Jap hit and some simple stirring heroism. A crowd pleaser for sure.

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