Adjustment Bureau movie review

Adjustment Bureau movie review

First I gotta attempt I liked the concept of it even though reality hit me like a pile-driver halfway.

Here is a quasi religious romantic scifi movie that talks about a Chairman, members of an Adjustment Bureau - who by the way curse and use 'son of a bitch' more often than hello. And they are out to stop Matt Damon falling in love with Emily Blunt.

It's sweet how these two hook up on a feeling and strive to undo what is written for their lives.

This movie would make for a classic study on Hollywood style love, where people hook up on a feeling, spend their lived looking for this someone and feel that moment of love / lust / passion will keep them together forever. Or at least the movie doesn't attempt to answer at all about what happens when the feelog goes away or how their fiancé feels to be left at the alter.

The ideal of chasing after love at all cost is the notion we observe and to some it will commensurate with this and you will also lose those where reality bites somewhere either in the midst of the cinema or moments soon after. That means the audience will be polarized into those who enjoyed the romantic escape and those who despise it for propagating more Hollywood fluff.

I will leave it to the reader to decide if they wish to indulge in such a fantasy.

Using doors seems to be  borrowed from Matrix and some parts are quite recognizable from other movies about God.

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