Unknown movie review

Unknown movie review 

If there is a familiar feel to this show starring. Liam Neeson, January Jones and Diane Kruger it is probably because it is a mishmash of recent hits and in particular one with Liam Neeson - Taken. 

The plot is slower and plods along, perhaps because the actors all look tired and perhaps they are, there are recognizable old timers and they seem to be walking and dialing in a staid performance.   

Liam is now the go go person replacing Harrison Ford as the quiet senior hero who springs into action more reluctantly than the classic Rambo genre. 

Instead he thrives on being the underdog in trouble who overcomes the odds. 

The plot is reasonable and Liam is someone who gets into a accident and forgets who he is and he spend a good part of the middle section of the movie doing so. Herein lies the weakness of the movie in that the rediscovery process takes too long and he is like a runner  who breaks into his stride too late to save the movie. Most of the action and the Taken-esque types scenes happen in a final burst near the end and too quickly. 

This will be worth a rental perhaps but not a purchase. 

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