Shutter Island movie review

Shutter Island movie review 

This movie has so many apparent links to a later production called Inception that I had to do double take as to whether it was planned as a prequel to Inception and if Chris Nolan had a hand in it. 

Apart from having the same lead Actor, who also lost his loved one and some very serious concepts of layers of delusion and illusions. Check out the lake drowning scene and tell me it doesn't look like the same spot they used in Inception ?

We also see the concept of pretense mixed in with a bit of suspense and intrigue. 

It's a tad hard to follow and the kicker needs viewings to help you understand the plot. Even so once you get it, it its hardly the keeper like inception and will be fine for a rental on a night when you have enough patience to work out the plot. 

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  1. The movie is NOT what I expected AT ALL, but then again, I really didn't know much about it to begin with.


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