The Marquis (2010) movie review

The Marquis (2010) movie review

This is a French production, with English subtitles. 

The French have a flair for the zany, and even if you don't understand the language, their sense of timing and combination of physical comedy and witty dialogue (courtesy of subtitles for those who don't understand French) can make for an alternative source of entertaining movies.

This story uses a well tried theme of mistaken identity, where a small time criminal mistakes a silly salesman who is in jail for a moment of greed for the infamous Marquis, a big time thief.  The rest of the show is about these unlikely duo teaming up to pull of a large caper and outwit the cops, the big baddie behind the caper and save their loved ones.

This movie does not have big action sequences, explosions of note, but instead uses the physical expressions, the banter between the two leads, who have an exquisite chemistry to make it work.

Not a lot of eye candy, except a seriously dumb blond…

Will you rent/buy/forget this?
I reckon that if you liked the Taxi series, you will also enjoy this and it is worth a rental at least .

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