Triumphant general rouge

Triumphant general rouge 

Made a couple of years after the original Glorious Team Batista with taeguchi and hiroshi abe in the lead once more, this is a Japanese slow burner medical crime drama. 

And when I say slow it does tend to meander allowing for the usual Jap acting theatrics which may not appeal to the general or causal viewer Esp if they don't understand Jap. But you will gain insight into the Japanese healthcare system and I can affirm to its accuracy. 

This time the drama or action focuses around the Emergency department and the suspicion that the chief is on the take from a pharmaceutical rep. 

Our lovely heroine again comes to the forth and adds a vulnerable dimension as well some comic relief and serious eye candy. Staring at her too long runs the risk of giving you diabetes.  If only all our doctors look like her... Yuko Takeuchi rocks... 

Hiroshi Abe stands out literally at close to seven feet. He is the comic relief the annoying health ministry official with the dogged persistence to solve the crime. 

Together the duo brings us into an examination of the various personalities and the interactions within a Japanese hospital. Some are real and others are caricatures of classic blockheads we often encounter in our own workplace be it medical or otherwise. 

There is also a subplot of corporate greed which probably hits home and will be familiar in any society. 

The path does slow down in the middle and the twist or conclusion does not have the punch of the first but it was still a satisfying watch and for Jap movie fans, who want to watch a non horror tragedy movie then this will be at least a rental or keeper.  


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