Demo Disc 2016: short review/synopsis

Demo Disc 2016: short review/synopsis

Welcome to the demo disc 2016. This is a disc  created for our community at to share. No one should sell it, but instead distribute it amongst our community to enjoy these demo clips, which will showcase the best that Atmos and DTS-X can offer.

Please refer to our forum to understand how to setup your speakers, the positions and what are the prerequisite speakers and amps to fully enjoy this before you begin.

Take some time to understand the nomenclature of Top speakers, Front and Rear Heights, and the Dolby Surround or DSU as well as the DTS Neural X upmixing formats too.

Try listening to the scenes with and without the use of the overheads to appreciate their action. Remember a good home theatre experience is more than loudness and bass. One will feel like they are part of the movie, sitting right in the middle of the action where the director and sound engineer intended, giving you the ambience, the suspense and the involvement in the plot.

The overhead channels should be subtle, adding a more complete soundfield, but not overpowering your means. Learn to play with your channel levels to get the right mix that suits your tastes. Like the surrounds and bass levels, some may like a ‘hotter mix’ with the overhead channels being more prominent, whilst others may prefer a less prominent yet more immersive experience, so as always experiment and do what pleases you. There is no one single right answer.

Then sit back and enjoy!

What is on this disc:

Dolby Atmos titles
        1. Capture the Flag         
        2. Pan                   
        3. 13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
        4. The Wave                 
        5. Goosebumps              
        6. 10 Cloverfield Lane     
        7. In the Heart of the Sea  
        8. Everest                  
        9. We Are Your Friends

DTS X titles  
      10. Gravity by Clemens Wirth      
      11. Crimson Peak                   
      12. The Last Witch Hunter         
      13. American Ultra               
      14. Gods of Egypt - Clip 1         
      15. Gods of Egypt - Clip 2         
      16. London Has Fallen
Auro 3D titles     
      17. 747 and Helicopter Flyby    
      18. Passing Tractor

Bonus titles            
      19. Ant-Man (DTS-HD MSTR)                   
      20. Deadpool (DTS-HD MSTR)                  
      21. Spectre (DTS-HD MSTR)                   
      22. TrollHunter (DTS)                        

      Overall duration: 1hr 37mins

1.    Capture the Flag

This is an animation, which has a nice fireworks scene, when it goes off, note the subtle extension of the soundfield into the top channels.

2.    Pan

The overheads are used more extensively here, with the flying ship, and the birds giving more air to the drama. When Pan is sitting by the fire, look out for the birds flying about, and above.

3.    13 Hours - The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

This is indeed a tour de force of sonic excellence on all fronts: immersive, bass oomph, and overhead action. Feel the power of each shot through your body, enjoy the thump, but also the sound that bathes you in the action. Trace the bullet paths going back and forth, see and hear the tracer shots. When there is an explosion, hear the boom and it’s after shock through not only the sub, but the ricochet and other sonic effects through all the surround channels, including the overheads.

4.    The Wave

It gets better and better! This Norwegian production gives you the premonition, with creaks and groans that start around you, then progress to the overheads. There is a build up of the tension via the use of the subs, and then as the rocks tumble, you will hear then on top, progress to the sides and also hear the metal struts as they give way. Sirens go off around you, then the big action sequence of the rocks tumbling brings your subs to life.

5.    Goosebumps

This clip jumps quickly into the overheads as the invisible creature ‘walks’ on your ceiling and then progresses into the surround sides and backs. The big mantis gives the sub a workout, but it’s the delicate ceiling effects that will thrill.

6.    10 Cloverfield Lane

It’s the same story here, as the girl hides in the hut, you can hear the monster coming onto the roof, and going around. Also feel the immersion of the gas surround the girl.

7.    In the Heart of the Sea

Here there are overhead channel usages reminiscent of “Masters And Commander”, with creaking boards, and water dripping, then the rush of water around us as we swim with the large whale. The sub then gets a big workout when the ship is pummeled and destroyed.

8.    Everest
Here we experience the fury of the storm, as it hits base camp and then the climbers on the mountain. The wind and rain come and hit them, and yet the dialogue is still clear.

9.    We Are Your Friends

This party scene is about surround action, and having a live concern feel. It will also find a beat if have a musical Home Theatre (HT) setup. If you are looking for PRAT, this is the right track. If you want to know if your sub can thump to a musical rhythm, then look no further. 

10. Gravity by Clemens Wirth

This continues with more PRAT, and this synth track will help to determine if you have not only a setup that gives you the immersive HT experience, but also find an immersive and yet musical setup.

11. Crimson Peak

This is a suspense track and you will find sound emitting from the top and surrounds as the girl talks to the Crimson Red lady suspended in mid-air. Notice the creaks and sounds.

12. The Last Witch Hunter

This scene is more about immersion again, and Vin Diesel feel the storm outside, quietly first, with a little background sub action, then more and more. Think of the scene from Fight Club, and combine that with the Flight of the Phoenix re-imaged with overheard action.

13. American Ultra

The supermart scene has surround action, and a few explosions, putting you right in the middle of the action. There is also crisp use of the centre speaker.

14. Gods of Egypt

There are two clips here:
The first is a quiet clip until the boy activates the booby trap. Then you hear the swirling soldiers from all around.
The second is another swirl fest, as the sand guardian’s voice moves around, and over you.

15. London Has Fallen

As Air Force One takes evasive action, you hear the sound of the chopper, and then when it takes a hit from a Stinger, and you hear roar of the wind as the front part of the chopper is ripped out.

The Auro clips are self-descriptive so enjoy!

16. Ant-Man (DTS-HD MSTR)

Ant-Man has bass and also the explosion coming to you from all the surround channels. The fight in the chopper is also immersive and intense. But the music playing from Siri whilst the fight plays gives you a mix of PRAT and immersion. Sweet.

17. Deadpool (DTS-HD MSTR)

When the cars pass you, there is action in all the channels, around and above. The fight scene in the car is intimate, and you have details and even the stretching sound of leather.

18. Spectre (DTS-HD MSTR)

The start of the Bond movie is punctuated by surround action, then bass from the collapsing building, followed by the flourish of music when the festival of the dead washes around you and you join Bond in walking in the middle of it. As the helicopter swirls, you can hear it go around you. Enjoy the blare of the trumpets as the familiar tune comes on.

19. TrollHunter (DTS)

This movie has the Blair Witch style feel, with a build up of suspense as the sounds of the forest being awoken by sound gives a sense of impeding room. The troll is all round and then as they are chased through the forest you join the party running away, and hear his hard breathing around you.

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