Salisbury Hotel Edinburgh review

This is our first stay here and it's a bittersweet experience.
The hotel is located in a side lane with a few useful parking lots.

Firstly Marko the man at the reception was effervescent, energetic and effusive. He was helpful with the bags and let us keep the bags in the hotel whilst we went to get our car.

However there are a few things you should know about the hotel.
First there's a slope up from the main road to the car park and then a flight of stairs to the main door.
Then there's no lift, only a narrow flight of stairs. So if you have heavy bags or aren't very fit then should be something you should know and this is not posted on their website that there's no lifts and there is no alternative to reach the main door.
Secondly I wonder if boutique is a euphemism for small as the room is of modest proportion.
It is well equipped. However the walls are wafer thin and you hear all the noises or conversations in the hotel.
You will also hear anyone coming up the stairs.
Even though it's in a side lane you will hear road noises but it is far enough that the noise from the main road won't reach you.

So in summary:
Well equipped, small sized room with a helpful concierge.

But beware of the steep entrance and the lack of a lift. Not for the frail or infirmed.


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