London has fallen movie review

London has fallen movie review

Firstly I should say that I am no connoisseur of art house movies so blockbuster movies like this are right up my alley. Put your brain aside and watch the bombs, bangs and babes.

But even then the best movies will have a wonderful blend of action, humor and maybe romance. Die Hard is the gold standard and I have to say this one tries hard but falls short.
Gerard Butler tries hard and he did reasonably well in the first edition of 'Olympus has Fallen'.
He returns with more potus in peril, but the location is London instead of Washington.
The concept isn't too different and there is plenty of action and the surround action works well but sadly there isn't a great deal of chemistry and it shows. Both main actors seem to be sleep walking and keys doing enough to collect their pay checks.

Movies tend to demand that you suspend your believability index but you have to work harder here.

A buy for the action and sound, but only when the price drops.

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