Nissan Qashqai 1.6 TDI review

Been using a 1.6l tdi qashqai ..
What a wonderful ride!
The high torque makes the response solid and overtaking is easy.
FC is good.
The QQ is a well equipped car and pretty well built.
The main issue is the interior space isn't that big, even though the external dimensions are quite large. Boot space is also not impressive. I can lie a trolley bag lengthwise in my civic but I can't here.
There's a distinctive diesel clatter too and road noise is obviously not like a Lexus.
If they brought this engine over it will be highly successful. The 1.2 petrol turbo is no match for this.
But what impressed me most was the ride on the highway which feels like a larger more solid car and the torque. There are also nice little features which are usually only found on a conti car.

After getting more familiar with this turbo diesel, I took it on some nice windy A roads and even a few B roads.
Being quite a bit higher than a sedan, you can't throw it into the corners like a sedan but it's quite good at holding its line and the lane sensing tech is rather useful.
The suspension is on the firm side, aiding road holding, but you do feel more of the road coming through. My wife didn't really feel it and said it was quite comfortable.
Road noise is good although you know it's no Lexus.
A car of this size begs for the kind of torque that the TDI has. A firm press of the pedal brings positive results and overtaking is a calm affair with no fuss.
The CVT transmission isn't that bad but when you start off its a little sluggish to react.
Visibility is not bad but the rear view is more limited than a sedan. The high sitting does really give a nice commanding view.
All in all a nice ride.

However in our local context the engine choice deters me from getting this.

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